Luis Eduardo Chaparro Roa - Senior student


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Luis E. Chaparro R. is an electronic engineering senior student from the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS). He joined the OnChip group in June 2015. He was involved in the verification of the ADC, which is one of peripherals of the 32-bit RISC-V microcontroller developed in OnChip, he also participated in the integration and sign-off of MIRLA chip. Besides, he participated in the experiment ALICE of CERN with the design of a PAD I2C driver led by Onchip research group. Recently, he is working on his degree project titled Voltage to Frequency Converter Design for System-on-Chip testing in 0.35um CMOS technology, under the directions of Professors Hugo Daniel Hernandez Herrera and Elkim Felipe Roa Fuentes.

Research interests:

Design of analog, digital, and mixed-signal integrated circuits.