Andres Felipe Amaya Beltran


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Ph.D. degree at Universidad Industrial de Santander. Analog and Mixed-Signal circuit designer with experience on the design of TX-RX blocks for high-speed serial interfaces (DFE, CDR, and CTLE circuits) including chip-scope onchip technique for link training and monitoring. Moreover, I have experience on linear voltage regulator and voltage reference design for SoC, and general purpose circuits such as OpAmps, OTAs and comparators. Solid VLSI background, and knowledge about design techniques for state-of-art CMOS nodes and mitigation of PVT variations on the performance. Also, I have been involved in the design of development boards for IoT applications, especially with power distribution networks and signal conditioning. Furthermore, I have experience with the wire-bonding process for chip-on-board applications.

Research interests:

High-speed signal interfaces, PVT robust circuits, offset correction circuits, and data converters.

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